Your Six Pack Quest begins soon…

By | July 7, 2008

I’m feeling sore after trying out 2 new workouts in the last 2 days. So, I gave myself a break from weight training and attended my favourite cardio class – body combat – today.

I change my workouts regularly to avoid weight loss plateau. These new workouts really left me huffing and puffing. That’s what I wanted. The higher the intensity, the higher the heart rate and the more fat you burn.

The new workouts encompass free weights and bodyweight exercises that work every part of your body. They are just 2 of the several workouts designed by Vince Del Monte in his new “Your Six Pack Quest” program which will be released to the public very soon.

Thanks to my buddy, Vince, I’ve had the opportunity to view the whole program (before anyone else does) …


Want to know the pros and cons of this program? Stay tuned…

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