Turbulence Training Review

What you get:

1. Turbulence Training ebook, by Craig Ballantyne (Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist)

2. 30 days free access to the TT Member’s site, where you can get personal help from Craig on your diet and exercise program

3. Access to TT community forum

4. Bonus workouts:
Bonus #1: Bodyweight Cardio 3
Bonus #2: Turbulence Training Hardcore For Fat Loss
Bonus #3: Turbulence Training Booty For Life
Bonus #4: Turbulence Training for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks
Bonus #5: Turbulence Training for Meatheads
Bonus #6: Turbulence Training Bodysculpting for Women

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Money back guarantee: 8-week money back guarantee

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What is Turbulence Training?
This is a program that combines resistance training and interval training to boost your metabolism so your body burns more fat during and after workouts. In addition, you’ll gain strength and muscle that shapes your body. 

What does Turbulence Training teach?
The focus of Turbulence Training program is on short and intense workouts, so you get the most results in the least amount of time. The goal is to create metabolic disturbance in the body that stimulate maximum fat loss and muscle growth, through a potent combination of:
- interval training, and
- resistance training.

Instead of long, slow boring cardio workouts, you’ll use interval training to burn calories and lose fat while preserving lean muscle mass. Each interval workout is 20 minutes.

For resistance training, Craig has selected a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises that work several muscle groups simultaneously. The more muscle mass is recruited, the more energy is used (ie, calories burned) .

Turbulence Training is a progressive workout program. Depending on your fitness level, you can start at the beginner or intermediate level before moving onto the advanced stage. Craig recommends changing your workout every 4 weeks to keep your body guessing and to prevent plateau. This is why he’s provided a variety of workouts for each level.

What are the pros and cons of Turbulence Training?
- Resistance training can be done at home with a simple home gym set-up that includes a bench, stability ball and dumbbells
- Clear description of exercises with photos
- Can be used by men and women at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
- You only need to spend 45-60 minutes, 3 times a week on the workouts

- You need to have access to a stationary bike, treadmill, stairclimber, elliptical trainer or other cardio machine to do interval training. This is not a problem if you have any one of these at your home gym. Otherwise, I think you still need to join a gym.

Who will benefit from this program?
Busy men and women who want to lose fat without spending countless hours in the gym.

For several years, my workout consisted of 45-60 minutes of steady state cardio and 45 minutes of weight training, 5x a week. I developed tendonitis in my inner ankles and had to stop running on treadmill on many ocassions. I was prone to overuse injuries and my fat loss came to a halt despite long hours of training.

While searching for a new workout program, I came across Turbulence Training and tried it out for 3 months. There was a noticeable improvement in my physique just after 4 weeks. My body was more defined, toned and stronger from doing a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises than traditional weight training only. The different variations of pushups sculpt my arms, chest, back and abs way better and faster than bench presses and tricep kickbacks. I was finally able to quit long cardio and get better results with interval training in just 20 minutes, without overuse injuries.

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