The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program Review

What you get: The Truth About Six Pack Abs program

1. The Truth About Six Pack Abs 120-page ebook, by Mike Geary (Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist)

2. Special limited time bonuses (subject to change):
Bonus #1: Kim Lyon’s “5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” DVD & exclusive membership
Bonus #2: M-Power Fast-Fitness 4 Audios
Bonus #3: 8-Week BW-DB Fusion Workout

Delivery: Instant download from website

Money back guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program, The Truth About Six Pack Abs ebook, Mike Geary Truth About Abs

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What is The Truth About Six Pack Abs program?
This a fat loss program for men and women who want a lean and healthy body. It is a step-by-step guide to losing belly fat and developing flat stomach or six pack abs. 

What does The Truth About Six Pack Abs program teach?
The 2 main aspects of this program are exercise and nutrition.

The focus is on full body training, not ab specific exercises, to increase metabolic rate and stimulate fat burning hormonal response in your body. There are 24 compound exercises and 6 advanced exercises to lose body fat fast and get ripped abs (almost nobody does these).

Ab training is the least important part of the program. There is a section that covers the 7 bad abdominal exercises, 14 good abdominal exercises and 2 killer abs & core exercises.

There are detailed descriptions and photos of exercises, as well as training programs for beginner to the most advanced level.

I like the recommended compound exercises and use some of them in my workout to get more out of less time. Whether you have a back problem or not, you want to avoid all the bad abdominal exercises as they do more harm than good.

Most of the exercises can be done at home with dumbbells, a stability ball and your own bodyweight. However, if you have access to barbells, dumbbells and some cable equipment at a gym, you can have more variety workouts for better results.

There is a large section on the importance of diet and nutrition. The truth is no matter how hard you train, you won’t have a flat stomach or six pack abs if your diet sucks.

There’s so much confusion about nutrition due to marketing hype from food and supplement companies. They tell you what they want you to believe, not what the truths are.

Mike does a great job in cutting through all the crap and giving straight honest answers. I like his shocking revelations of how the clever food marketing industry fools you into buying the wrong products that make you FAT.

Some of the topics covered are:
- what you should know about dietary fats.
- the myths about saturated fats.
- the hidden truths about plant-based oils.
- the 2 hidden evils in our food supply that promote fat storage, prevent fat loss, contribute to other health problems.
- the importance of infrequent overfeeding to keep metabolic rate up.
- how to manage insulin levels to promote fat loss.
- 84 fat burning meal plan ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

What are the pros and cons?

No need for expensive supplements or ab equipment.
Suitable for men and women at all levels of progressions.
Most exercises can be done at home with dumbbells and stability ball.

You need to have access to a gym for best results.

Who will benefit from this program?
Anyone who wants to lose excess body fat for a lean strong body, flat stomach or six pack abs.

This is my favourite body fat or belly fat loss program. I like the variety of efficient, challenging exercises and the eye-opening nutritional information.

Losing belly fat and keeping it off requires you to commit to the training and nutritional strategies outline in the program. However if you are lazy, unmotivated and looking for a quick fix, this program is not for you.

Check out Alex’s and other amazing transformations using the strategies in this program here.

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