Mindless Eating = Over Eating

By | August 10, 2009

Whenever I watch a movie at the cinema, I notice people munching on popcorn, crisps, chocolate, etc and downing it with large cups of sodas. My friends do it all the time, even after we’ve just had dinner prior to the movie!

How many times have you found yourself snacking while watching tv or movies at the cinema? Do you know that mindless eating can lead to over consumption of food?

Mindless eating, eating while watching tv, over eatingYou should be focusing on what you’re eating, chewing slowly and savouring the tastes of food. When you eat without the distraction of of tv, your brain recognises when you have eaten enough and hence, you end up consuming less calories.

By making these simple changes in your eating habits, you are more aware of your choices of food and avoid overeating.

Here’s the link to an interesting research that shows watching tv while eating increases how much you eat DURING and AFTER:

More TV = More Munching

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