Macadamia Oil: 7x Healthier Than Olive Oil?

By | February 27, 2014

You’ve no doubt heard that olive oil is healthy, right?

Good for your heart, lowers blood pressure, cools inflammation and extends life span — it’s why the Mediterranean lifestyle is so good for you.

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But there’s ANOTHER oil that runs circles around olive oil in terms of health benefits, but almost nobody knows about it for some odd reason.

It’s native to the rainforests of Australia and was used by the Aborigines for thousands of years before being “discovered” by European settlers.

It’s got a smooth, buttery, almost sweet taste with a beautiful, golden appearance — you can even drink it straight.  Let’s see you try THAT with olive oil!

In fact, it’s SO delicious and versatile that famous chefs from all around the world are using it as their secret weapon.

Use this oil and you’ll get a HUGE metabolic advantage when it comes to boosting energy, thinking faster and getting rid of those extra inches that seem to keep piling on as you age.

This “super oil” has 3 MAJOR metabolic advantages over olive oil:

Metabolic Advantage #1

It’s is loaded with a fat that’s SO healthy even the low-carb AND low-fat camps agree you should get more of it.

I am talking about monounsaturated fat… the SAME beneficial fat found in olive oil.  However, this “super oil” comes out on top containing about 10% MORE monounsaturated fat.

While the monounsaturated fat is where much of the blood-pressure- and cholesterol lowering and life-extending benefits come from, this special fat is also a metabolic SUPER-fuel.

That’s because of its relatively simple chemical structure, allowing it to be burned in your mitochondria (your cellular energy-producing factories) MUCH more easily.

That means MORE energy, better mental performance, a more stable mood, less hunger and less unwanted fat in those trouble spots.

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Metabolic Advantage #2

Most people now know that having a proper balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is CRITICAL to staying healthy, young, fully of energy and keeping those aches and pains at bay.

Too many omega-6s sets off a rampaging wild fire of inflammation that wreaks havoc on virtual every organ, tissue and cell in your body, totally destroying your metabolism and forcing you to get fat.

And while olive oil is decent in this department with only 9.8% of its content being omega-6s, this “super oil” comes in at a puny 1.7%!

That’s important because the average person gets TWENTY TIMES more omega-6s than they should, so the LAST thing you need is more.

Metabolic Advantage #3

Olive oil’s Achilles’ heel is that it’s EXTREMELY vulnerable — everything from heat to light to oxygen can damage the precious fats that it contains, killing the nutritional value and making it taste disgusting.

These rancid, oxidized fats ALSO create free radicals that damage your cellular membranes, blood vessels and even your DNA — none of which do ANY favors for your metabolism.

Those pesky free radicals literally “rust” you from the inside out, much in the same way an apple or guacamole turns brown when exposed to the air.

This “super oil”, however, is light resistant and doesn’t turn rancid over time and is very shelf stable due to the tremendous amounts of antioxidants it has.

For example, this “super oil” has nearly 5 times the amount of tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant, when compared to olive oil.

So what IS this mysterious “super oil”?

Almost nobody talks about this hidden gem and it’s a shame, because the list of metabolic benefits is endless — I am talking about macadamia nut oil.

To be clear, olive oil isn’t bad — it’s fantastic — but pound for pound, macadamia nut oil is simply better — tastes better, it’s more versatile for cooking and healthier.

Plus, it also gives you an enormous metabolic advantage — VERY important if you’ve had trouble getting rid of stubborn fat, particularly around your belly, hips, thighs and butt.

Oh, one tip — make sure you buy only organic macadamia oil that’s been cold-pressed mechanically — this preserves as much of the nutritional value as possible without damaging those healthy fats.

So give it a try, you’re gonna love it!

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