Lower Ab Workout: Here’s how to challenge your lower abs

By | October 6, 2009

Here’s a quick lower ab workout tip by Jeff Anderson, author of Muscle Specialization Secrets


Most people are especially challenged with hitting their LOWER ABS.

Don’t worry – this will do the trick…

Find yourself a DECLINE BENCH and a bath-sized TOWEL.

Roll the towel up into about a cylinder, about 6 inches high.

Lay on the decline bench with your head toward the top and your legs straight with feet on the floor.

Place the towel from left to right under your lower back and grab the bench behind your head with both hands to gain leverage.

The towel increases the range of motion in your abs and ALSO gives you incredible lower ab activation.

Now, keeping your legs STRAIGHT, raise them in the air until you’re in the shape of a “V” and breathe out forcefully at the peak contraction point.

Lower your legs SLOWLY but don’t give them a break at the bottom.

Raise them back up in the air and continue back and forth until exhaustion.

When you’re abs are toast, finish them off by bending your legs at the knees and doing “reverse crunches” in the same fashion, bringing your knees up toward your chest.

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