3 Tips on Losing Belly Fat After C-Section

By | May 31, 2011

Losing belly fat after c-section can be a real challenge and frustration for many mothers. This often leads to unhappiness, loss of confidence and despair. Some women lose focus and simply give up when they don’t see the expected results.

Remember, it takes 9 months to gain excess weight so don’t expect to lose it within weeks after birth. It takes at least 9-12 months to get back into shape. Some women may require more or less time as everyone’s body is different. Nevertheless, you should persevere with the right strategies until you reach your fat loss goals.

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Here are 3 ways to losing belly fat after c-section

1. Exercise

(Note: A c-section or cesarean is a major abdominal surgery. It is important to get clearance from your doctor before starting any exercise)

Start with low impact exercise such as brisk walking, for at least 30 mins, 3-5 times a week. Walking the hills (if you live near them) is great way to increase intensity levels. If childcare is an issue, you can even walk with your baby in a buggy/stroller.

You’ll see faster results by adding resistance training to your fitness regime. It is great for boosting metabolism and increasing fat burning, so you’ll be lose belly fat quickly. Resistance training shapes your body by toning, tightening and building muscle. If you don’t want to go to a gym, this type of workout can be done at home with your own bodyweight, dumbells, exercise bands, tubing and/or stability ball.

For busy mums who do not have hours to spend working out, short bursts resistance training is a more effective and efficient exercise for losing belly fat after c-section. This is where you alternate period of high intensity with periods of active recovery so you get more results in less time.

Check out Fit Yummy Mummy program, for short burst workouts that can be done at home in 15-30 mins per session, 3x per week. It is a fat loss program created by Holly Rigsby, a mother of 2, who has helped other mums to lose belly fat and get their body back. She used this program to reach her pre-baby weight within 6 months of giving birth to her second child, Alexander, in October 2010.

2. Nutrition

Proper nutrition is the key to losing belly fat after c-section.

If you’ve been struggling to get rid of belly fat, take a look at what you are currently eating. Are your choice of foods supporting or sabotaging your fat loss?

What to consume: natural unprocessed foods –> lean protein, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, water

What to avoid: processed foods, trans fat, sugar, simple carbs, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners

3. Sleep

Mothers of newborns are usually deprived of sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep induces weight gain. Insufficient sleep have adverse effects on 2 hormones: leptin and ghrelin. It reduces leptin and increases ghrelin levels, so you end up feeling hungry and craving for carbs or sugary foods.

Sleep interruptions to take care of your baby are unavoidable. Nevertheless, try to get more sleep by:
- going to bed early and not staying up late
- taking naps when your baby naps
- avoiding stimulants such as caffeine and watching tv a few hours before bedtime.

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