Green Coffee Bean Extract Aids Weight Loss

By | June 22, 2012
Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?
The fruits of a coffee plant are known as berries. They contain green seeds or beans, from which green coffee bean extract is derived from.

Green Coffee Bean Extract & Weight Loss
Both human and animal studies have demonstrated the efficacy of green coffee bean extract in weight loss.

In a study reported in January 2012, 16 subjects took a high dose (1050 mg) green coffee bean extract for 6 weeks, a low dose (700 mg) of green coffee bean extract for 6 weeks and a placebo for 6 weeks, with a 2-week washout period between phases.

All subjects experienced reductions in body weight, body fat and BMI during the high dose and low dose phases, but not the placebo phase.

At the end of the 22 weeks,
- average body weight lost is 17.6 lbs
- average body fat lost is 4.44%
- average reduction in BMI is 2.92

These results were achieved with no significant changes in diet and physical activity!

In two previous studies on the efficacy of a commercial green coffee bean extract, the average weight loss was 5.4 kg in one treated group and 5 kg in another treated group.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Help You Lose Weight?
The weight loss benefit of green coffee bean extract could be attributable to chlorogenic acids and other polyphenols. These compounds may:
- inhibit absorption of fats from the intestine
- enhance fat metabolism in the liver
- inhibit enzyme alpha-glucosidase, thereby reducing glucose absorption
- inhibit enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase, thereby suppressing release of stored blood sugar and formation of new sugar
- inhibit enzyme amylase, thereby reducing carbohydrate absorption

As a result, green coffee bean extract helps to lower calorie intake and reduce body fat accumulation, which eventually leads to weight loss.

Why Not Just Drink Coffee?
Unroasted green coffee beans are a rich source of polyphenols, especially chlorogenic acids. While roasting releases the aroma and flavour of coffee, the process itself destroys most of chlorogenic acids and other polyphenols in green coffee beans.

Research showed that phenolic compounds in green coffee bean extract were highly absorbable and readily metabolised in humans. This is why green coffee bean extract with its low caffeine content, is more beneficial than brewed, roasted coffee.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements
Not everyone is a coffee lover. Certain people cannot drink coffee because they are sensitive to caffeine or they experience digestive problems after consuming it.

Green coffee bean extract supplement provides a high potency of standardised chlorogenic acid with minimal caffeine.

CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract by Life Extension is produced through a patented extraction process to deliver an extraordinarily high proportion of chlorogenic acid for maximum potency. The coffee beans sourced for CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract are organically grown.

CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract, standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid, is available in 400 mg here.




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