Firm & Flatten Your Abs Ebook Review

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What is Firm & Flatten Your Abs?

Firm & Flatten Your Abs is a scientifically proven program for improving core strength, function, fitness and stability. It was designed by David Grissafi, a highly qualified exercise specialist, strength coach and personal trainer who works with clients ranging from housewives to professional boxers.

What does the Firm & Flatten Your Abs teach?

The 2 important components of this program are:

1. Abdominal and core exercises

Firm & Flatten Your Abs contain 44 exercises that work both deep and superficial muscles of the core. Not only do the exercises develop¬† good looking, sexy abs, but also a strong and functional core so you’ll be less prone to injury and perform better physically. Each exercise includes photos and well written descriptions of how it should be perform.

There are 7 exercise levels from beginner to advanced. Choose and start at the appropriate level and progress accordingly. Each level is designed such that the core muscles and spine stabilizers are trained in the correct order.

Before commencing on this program, you are strongly advised to take some simple tests first to evaluate your current abdominal strength and condition. You don’t want to risk injury by attempting advanced exercises without a¬† good foundation.

2. Nutrition

You won’t be able to see great abs if they are covered by fat. The program provides 15 nutritional and lifestyle strategies that are necessary to losing fat.

What are the pros and cons of this program?

Pro: Exercises can be done with bodyweight only, a stability ball and/or cable apparatus. Therefore, you can choose to work out at home or in a gym.

Con: None

Who will benefit from this program?

This program will work for you, if you:
- have low back pain
- are overweight
- have a belly pooch
- have stubborn fat or cellulite
- have had a c-section
- before, during and after your pregnancy
- are a complete beginner or even out of shape
- are an accomplished athlete
- are a bodybuilder or fitness model
- are a golfer


Most abdominal programs focus only on developing the rectus abdominis (muscle that gives the six-pack appearance) while neglecting other muscles of the core, thereby resulting in muscle imbalance, weakness, lower back pain and poor physical performance.

What I like about Firm & Flatten Your Abs program is that not only does it develop great abs that are aesthetically pleasing, but also a strong, stable and functional core.

I used to suffer from debilitating lower back pain due to disc degeneration. At one point, I had to stop exercising as the pain was unbearable. The endless crunches and sit-ups only exacerbated the pain. Since performing some of the exercises in Firm & Flatten Your Abs, my core is stronger and more stable. My back pain is gone and I’m able to resume my regular workout.

Whether you want to lose abdominal fat, get six pack abs, get rid of belly pooch or lose belly fat after c-section, give this program a try and see the amazing results for yourself!

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