Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis Review

What you get: Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis 4-CD program

-Introduction to Weight Loss (Lecture) [15:58 mins]
Learn what obesity researchers have discovered, and how it can help you.
-Introduction to Hypnosis [22:47]
Try hypnosis. You’ll crave water after this session!

- Selecting Your Food Program [20:07]
Choose your healthy eating program and get motivated to stay on it.
- Eating Smart [12:44]
Begin to adopt the eating habits of a slim person.

- Avoiding Temptation [15:14]
Plan ahead for those difficult situations.
- Exercising Regularly [12:51]
Burn up your excess calories every day.

- Appreciating Yourself [15:43]
Enjoy the new you. You can be proud of your achievements!
- Maintaining Your Weight Loss [13:27]
This time it’s gone forever. Maintenance is the key.

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Money back guarantee: 1-year no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

 lose weight with hypnosis

Enjoying Weight Loss 4 CDs

Price: $119

or 3 monthly payments of $39.66

What is Enjoying Weight Loss?
Enjoying Weight Loss is a 4-CD program for healthy eating and exercise. Hypnotic suggestions will be made to you that reinforce behaviours to support weight loss.

There are 7 hypnosis sessions in the program, lasting about 20 mins each. You only need to listen to one session each day.

What does Enjoying Weight Loss program teach?
Most people fail to lose weight even on the best healthy eating and exercise plan because they cannot follow it CONSISTENTLY. Most of the problems of non compliance and lack of motivation arise from the mind. Hypnosis is a proven effective way to train your mind to ENJOY sticking to your chosen healthy plan.

Definition of hypnosis by Hypnosis Network:
“Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of focused attention. By temporarily bypassing your conscious mind, it gives you the power to make behavioral changes at a deeper level than when you attempt to make changes at the conscious level.”

In Enjoying Weight Loss program, hypnosis is a tool used to create positive behaviours for healthy eating and exercise.

Dr Roberta Temes is the leading medical hypnosis expert who developed this program. She starts each hypnosis session by leading you into physical comfort and relaxation. Then, she guides you to a special state of mind that empowers you to change your lifestyle to one that promotes a healthy weight. This is achieved by using hypnotic tools of induction which include various acts of imagination. You may be asked to see or hear specific things. She suggests certain habits to facilitate weight loss such as drinking more water, eating vegetables, eating smaller portions, exercising regularly and enjoying all of these.

I find it pleasant to listen to Dr Temes’ calming and soothing voice. In the beginning, she clears up the myths about hypnosis and what to expect from the hypnosis sessions. She reassures that you are in total control of yourself during hypnosis and you can come out of it anytime. So, don’t worry about being stuck in a trance! It CANNOT happen.

- Inexpensive compared to live sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist who may charge a few hundred dollars per session.
- Can listen to the CDs repeatedly as and when you want. No need to make appointment with and travel to see a hypnotherapist.
- Hypnosis Network selects the most qualified hypnotherapists to develop its hypnosis programs. They are licensed health care professionals with extensive hypnosis training and experience.

- No personal response from a hypnotherapist since it’s a CD program.

Who will benefit from this program?
People are NOT able to stick to their chosen eating and fitness plan.

This program works for some people and not for others. It is something you should consider if your previous attempts haven’t been successful because you’ve resorted to old bad habits such as over eating, sugar/junk food cravings, eating smaller portions, stress eating and not exercising.


A common question asked by most skeptical people: Can hypnosis help you to lose weight?

Clinical studies have shown successful weight loss results from hypnosis. Hence, it can be a valuable tool for facilitating your weight loss efforts.

Hypnosis, when practiced by a legitimate provider, is approved for clinical use by both the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association.

I believe in the power of subconscious mind to change (and heal) the body. Hypnosis is a form of mental training that allows the message from a hypnotherapist to reach the subconscious to stimulate positive behaviours. While hypnosis is not miraculous, it can be an effective complement to a nutrition and exercise program for weight loss.

Learn more about this program here –> Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis

Give it a try… and if you are not getting the results you expected from this program, you can return the product within one year of your order date with no questions asked.

Enjoying Weight Loss - lose weight with hypnosis

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