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What is Eat Stop Eat (ESE)?

Eat Stop Eat is a way to lose fat by using a combination of flexible intermittent fasting and weight training.

It is not a diet. It doesn’t tell you what you can and cannot eat. There’s no counting calories. There are no recipes or meal

Many of the ideas presented in ESE go against current nutrition trends or rules, but they are supported by scientific research. Read this book with an open mind. The ideas may make sense to you and change your life if you apply them.

What does Eat Stop Eat teach?

According to the author, human beings are either in a fed or fasted state, from a nutritional point of view. We are constantly in a fed state, eating and storing calories, and never give ourselves a chance to burn them off. Fasting is a simple way to burn calories and achieve caloric balance.

  • ESE recommends one or two 24-hour fasts per week as an effective way to lose weight.
  • It clears up the misconceptions about fasting and discuss the effects of fasting on metabolism, exercise and performance, muscle mass (no muscle loss occurs when using ESE with resistance exercise) and hunger.
  • It discusses other health benefits of short term intermittent fasting on various hormones (such as insulin sensitivity, glucagon, growth hormones, etc), skeletal muscles, blood glucose levels and lipolysis.
  • It explains how to fast the ESE way (important!) and answers FAQs.

Pros: Reduce calorie intake and lose fat without having to sacrifice and restrict what you eat.
Flexible–> you choose when to fast.
Not a diet program–> no counting calories, no weighing foods, no off limit foods, no meal plans.

Con: In the beginning, some people may experience withdrawal symptoms. After a couple of fasting sessions, these should go away.

Who will benefit from Eat Stop Eat?

Anyone who wants to lose fat without giving up their favourite foods and stressing what to eat.


If your diet sucks, ESE is not the fat loss solution. Don’t expect to stuff yourself with cookies, cakes, chocolate, candies, crisps, sodas and other crappy foods and then lose weight by following ESE fasting. It doesn’t work that way. You must learn and practise the basics of healthy eating for permanent fat loss and overall good health.

Learn more about this program –> Eat Stop Eat

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