Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners

By | October 26, 2011

Artificial sweeteners have no nutritional value but only serve to satisfy our sweet tooth. They are made from chemicals which can result in unwanted side effects when ingested. The chemicals are toxins and when metabolised in the body, result in more toxic by-products. Due to the lack of long term human studies, the safety of artificial sweeteners remains unknown.

Dangers of artificial sweeteners

Side effects of artificial sweeteners vary among individuals. They can be mild or severe reactions. Over time, the body can develop symptoms of diseases due to chemical poisoning.

Here are the possible dangers of 4 common artificial sweeteners:

Diabetes, mental handicap, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain cancer, epilepsy, hearing loss, Alzheimer’s disease

Most studies on sucralose were carried out on animals. No long term studies on humans have been done. Even the small number of studies did not prove the safety of sucralose for human consumption.

In the 1970s, research showed that saccharin caused bladder tumors in rats. Human studies found that this does not apply to humans. Nevertheless, there is still concern on the long term toxicity and potential risks of saccharin to human beings. Further research is still required.

Acesulfame potassium or acesulfame-K:
There are lack of long term studies and testing on human beings. Most studies on this artificial sweetener involved animals only.
This artificial sweetener contains methylene chloride, a carcinogen, that can cause cancer, depression, mental loss, liver, kidney and visual problems.

Stevia – The Natural Alternative To Artificial Sweeteners

Stevia is a herb that is used as a natural sweetener. It is many times sweeter than sugar, but has virtually no calorie. Since it is low glycemic, low carb and does not affect blood sugar levels, it is ideal for those who want to lose weight. Unlike artificial sweeteners, Stevia does not contain toxic chemicals and cause cravings.

You can find stevia at a local health food store or online.

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