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Body Recomposition: Transforming From Fat to Muscle

(This is a guest post from Tom Venuto of Burn the Fat) Weight loss contests, especially the Biggest Loser, where obese people drop insane amounts of body weight – like 10, 15 or even 20 lbs in a week – have become extremely popular. Many people say they get incredibly inspired and motivated watching these… Read More »

FREE Holiday Fat Loss “Black Book”

This is the time of the year where many people fall off the diet wagon. Food is a big part of this season so it’s not surprising to gain weight between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Do you deprive yourself of the fun of the festivities just to keep the pounds off? Or do you… Read More »

How To Stop From Falling Off The Fitness Wagon

Do you often find yourself falling off the workout wagon or succumb to diet relapse, binges or just too much over-indulgence? Why do you (relapser) regain weight while maintainers lose and keep off the pounds successfully? What can you (relapser) learn from the maintainers? Tom Venuto answers these questions in another great article, “How to… Read More »

5 Steps To Beating Emotional Eating

In the past, I had been an emotional eater who battled with significant weight fluctuations. I’d reach for chocolate, sweets, chips and crackers when under stress. Somehow, these foods seemed to make me feel better or so I imagined. At that time, I knew nothing about emotional eating. It was only by trial and error… Read More »

Social support: the missing element in your quest for fat loss

Having spoken to members at my gym and students in my classes, I found out that many continue to struggle with losing body fat. Besides exercise and nutrition, there is something else missing. Social support. Some people just can’t do it alone. Social support can come from friends, family, trainers, coaches, support groups and so… Read More »

Could This Be Keeping You Fat?

You have chosen to follow a nutrition and training program for fat loss. Yet, you find yourself not sticking with the program consistently. You are frustrated ‘cos you ain’t losing fat . Is the program at fault? Or is it you? Tom explains how limiting beliefs can prevent you from losing fat… ***************************************************** The Little… Read More »

Why Some People Quit And Some People NEVER Give Up

By Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT Throughout my 18 years in the fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition consultant and motivational coach, I have noticed that some people who start a nutrition and exercise program give up very easily after hitting the first obstacle they encounter. If they feel the slightest bit of discouragement or… Read More »