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Bodyweight Exercises: My No Equipment Workout

This morning, I woke up not feeling for the weights nor the cardio machine. So I selected 7 bodyweight exercises from Turbulence Training (pages 56-85, complete with pictures and detailed explanation of the exercises) and performed them in a circuit.  No equipment required and these exercises can be performed at home. Here are the 7… Read More »

How to get women into great shape

I’m back online after 2 weeks of holiday. While clearing my mail inbox, I came across this email entitled “How to get women into great shape” from Precision Nutrition. Ladies, this article teaches how to exercise PROPERLY to get into the best shape of your life. It discusses about high intensity exercises being the best… Read More »

Lose Stomach Fat By Taking Control Of Stress

Stress creates an influx of catabolic hormones which can increase the amount of fat stored in the body, esp. the stomach area. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases the amount of stomach fat that the body stores. This is due the number of receptor sites withing the fat cells in that region and their… Read More »

Turbulence Training Bodyweight Manual

I’ve been doing weight training and intervals on the treadmill for the last 4 weeks. This week, I wanna do something different… bodyweight exercises (to build strength) and swimming (total body workout). Personally, I find weight training builds muscle but not strength. Again, I’m speaking from my experience and for myself only. My upper body… Read More »

Cardio Is A Joke!

I was once a cardio fanatic who did at least 3 hours of cardio a day, 6 times a week. I would run, cycle and go on the cross trainer in one session. One day, I pulled both my knee caps while squatting to play with my puppy. Ouch! I felt discomfort and creaking in… Read More »

Turbulence Training Fat Loss Interview

This interview covers Turbulence Training for Fat Loss in-depth. Craig Ballantyne, the author of Turbulence Training, was recently interviewed by strength coach, Jason Ferrugia. Here is some advanced fat loss information. JF: First of all Craig, I’d like to thank you for agreeing to do this interview. To introduce yourself to our readers could you… Read More »

5 More Fat Burning Tips For You

At this time of year, we can use every last tip to help avoid holiday weight gain. So here are 5 more fat loss tips for beginner & advanced readers. 1) No liquid calories (with the exception of a post-workout drink). Get rid of all the juices, the sodas, and the sports drinks. Liquid sugar… Read More »