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Do Sit-Ups Burn Belly Fat? Are There Effective Ab Exercise?

Sit-ups and crunches are two of the most overused ab exercises. Most people would have probably done hundreds of sit-ups, only to discover that they don’t burn belly fat. Those who train the rectus abdominis (six pack muscle) with excessive sit-ups can end up with a protruding belly. Dangers of performing repeated sit-ups Sit-ups involve… Read More »

3 Best Standing Ab Exercises

Standing ab exercises can add a variety to your abdominal workout routine. They work your core in a functional way, which simulate your daily movements. When performing standing ab exercises, there are more muscles being recruited. Instead of training the rectus abdominis or six pack muscle only, you are strengthening all core muscles and training… Read More »

Ab Exercises That Really Work

Whether you are a man who wants six pack abs or a woman who wants a lean sexy abs, there are 2 things you should know: – your body fat must be low enough for your abs to be visible, and – ab exercises that really work to shape your core muscles. Personally, I don’t… Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Belly Pooch

What is a pooch belly? A pooch belly is where the belly protrudes outward even though you are not overweight. This is common in women, but also occurs in men too. What causes pooch belly? According to David Grissafi, author of Firm & Flatten Your Abs: Pooch belly is caused by neurological problems. Basically, the… Read More »

Lower Ab Workout: Here’s how to challenge your lower abs

Here’s a quick lower ab workout tip by Jeff Anderson, author of Muscle Specialization Secrets… ************************ Most people are especially challenged with hitting their LOWER ABS. Don’t worry – this will do the trick… Find yourself a DECLINE BENCH and a bath-sized TOWEL. Roll the towel up into about a cylinder, about 6 inches high.… Read More »

10 Best Ab Exercises…that don’t include crunches!

Here are Men’s Health expert Craig Ballantyne’s 10 best abdominal exercises that you can do without cables, ab crunches, or sit-ups. 1. Plank with your arms on the Ball (30% more effective than plain ol’ planks, according to Men’s Health magazine) 2. Ball Rollouts (probably my favorite ball ab exercise) 3. Hanging Knee Raises (classic… Read More »