3 Tips to Eat Carbs & NEVER Store Them as Fat

By | August 2, 2014

We often hear that “carbs make you fat”.

Well, it’s true – they CAN….

… when you eat them at the wrong times.

But if you know how to eat your favourite carbs at the RIGHT times, you’ll never store them as fat.

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So, here are 3 carb timing tips on how to consume LOADS of carbs and not worry about them being stored as fat in your midsection…

1. Good:

A good time to consume healthy carbs such as fruits and non-processed starches is first thing in the morning or upon waking up.

Here’s why…

You’ve fasted all night while you sleep so glycogen levels (energy inside your muscle tissue) have been somewhat depleted and this leaves extra room for carbs to replenish lower glycogen stores.

This is really effective if you work out in the morning.

Your metabolism is higher in the morning (or when you first awake) than the later in the day. So, these carbs are more likely to be used as energy and stored in the right spot.

Insulin sensitivity is also higher when you wake up than at other times of the day, which allows your body to utilize carbs and limit fat spillover.

2. Better:

An even better time to consume starches and fruits is a few hours before high intensity resistance training (bodyweight circuits, metabolic resistance training, etc.) or a heavier weight training session.

This ensures that the carbs are utilised as energy during and after your workout to prevent fat spillover. It also supplies you with sustained energy throughout your workout.

Better performance = More fat and calories burned during and after the workout.

In addition, the extra insulin release during this time will help prevent muscle loss and increase lean muscle gains.

3. BEST:

The best time to consume impact carbs (i.e. carbs that have an effect on blood sugar levels) is post workout, i.e. 1-3 hours after high intensity training.

Even if you work out late at night, you could still consume your LARGEST carb serving of the day right BEFORE bed without worrying about fat spillover.

This works best when you are on weight maintenance and is not recommended when your goal is to achieve rapid fat loss. Nevertheless, it does prove the point that eating late at night doesn’t really make you fat.

That’s because when you work out intensely enough you’ll set off several powerful metabolic triggers no matter what time of day it is:

  • Increased metabolic rate and improved nutrient absorption
  • Faster depletion of glycogen (therefore, faster fat loss)
  • Release of catecholamines (fat burning hormones)

As a result, there is increased fat loss and an effect called “super-compensation” through stimulation of Glut 4 (a glucose transporter).

This effect simply means storage capacity inside your muscles and liver that’s well above normal levels, which is greatly enhanced during the post workout window.

Other benefits include increased insulin sensitivity, glucose uptake, and glycogen synthesis. All of these improve your body’s efficiency at using fat as fuel source on a daily basis.

Hence, this is why it’s crucial to eat the majority of impact carbs in your post workout meals on days you train intensely.

By understanding how to time your nutrients precisely, you’ll know how to use food to master your hormones, control your metabolism and NEVER store carbs as fat in your body.

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