Carb Cyling For Women: Study Finds Women Lost More Weight…

By | December 19, 2011

Carb cycling, also known as carb rotation or zig zag diet, can be an effective method for losing weight. Here is a recent study on carb cycling for women and weight loss.

British researchers at the University Hospital in South Manchester, found that women who followed a low carb diet, 2 days a week, lost more weight than those who were on a conventional low calorie diet.

carb cycling for women
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The aim of the study was to find a easy-to-follow diet for women who are at high risk for breast cancer. Obesity and hormones such as insulin and leptin, are known to increase breast cancer risk. So losing weight can potentially reduce the risk of this disease.

The research evaluated the impact of 3 different diets on weight and insulin blood levels.
1. Mediterranean diet, restricted calories to about 1500 per day, 7 days a week.
2. Calorie restricted (650 calories per day) and low carb diet, 2 days per week.
3. Low carb and no calorie restriction diet, can eat unlimited protein and healthy fats,  2 days per week.

Low carb = up to 50 grams per day

Overview of the study:
- All 115 women who took part in the study are at high risk of breast cancer based on their family histories.
- 1/3 of them randomly assigned to each type of diet.
- Length of study: 4 months

Findings from the study:
Average weight loss:
- Both low carb diets: 9 pounds
- Mediterranean diet: 5 pounds

Reduction in insulin resistance
- Calorie-restricted, low carb diet: 22%
- Unrestricted calorie, low carb diet: 14%
- Mediterranean diet: 4%

Both low carb diets are better that the conventional calorie restricted diet in reducing weight, body fat, leptin and insulin resistance.

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