Calorie Shifting: The Most Effective Nutritional Method For (Belly) Fat Loss

By | December 31, 2008

I’ve been away from my laptop for 2 weeks to spend time with my loved ones. December is usually a month where I’m in a holiday mood and wanna take it easy. Nevertheless, I still keep up with my workout.

Exercise is not just a routine for me… it’s part of my lifestyle.  Today is New Year’s eve, and I’d already done my workout this morning. The gym has been really quiet for this month, I guess many people are slacking off.

December is also a month where most people pig out due to the increased number of parties and dinner.

I take it as an opportunity to cycle my calories. It is a way of tricking the body into keeping the metabolic up and burning more fat. This method is also known as calorie shifting (page 92, The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary) or carb cycling (The 4 Cycle Solution by Shaun Hadsall). You must have a calorie deficit to lose fat, but not a large calorie deficit for long period of time. You want to prevent your body from shutting down its metabolism and store more fat. The solution is to reduce your calorie intake for a short period of 3 days then raise your calories back up to above maintenance level for 1 day. You cycle calories on 3 days down and 1 day up rotation. This process can be repeated until you have reached the desired body fat level.

By raising your calorie intake every 4th day,  you boost your metabolism and prevent starvation mode. Calorie shifting is an effective fat loss method for breaking plateaus, maintaining lean body mass and preventing sluggish metabolism. It’s recommended for an endomorph (slow metabolism) body type who tends to lose fat slowly and with great difficulty.

Feed day = high calorie day

Burn day = low calorie day

My feed day is when I have a party/dinner to attend. I’d reduce my calorie intake 3 days (burn days) prior to the feed day, which is the day of party/dinner. I’ve had 4 dinner parties for this month, so that’s 4 cycles of calorie shifting done. I didn’t feel guilty about eating “sinful foods” at parties. The combination of calorie shifting method and regular workout prevents me from piling on the pounds and speeds up belly fat loss.

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