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Book Review: Eat Fat, Lose Fat (Republished As The Good Fat Diet)

Eat Fat, Lose Fat

***August 2018 Update: Eat Fat, Lose Fat has been republished as The Good Fat Diet***


“Eat Fat, Lose Fat will take you beyond your fears about fat, to the facts about fat.

Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr Mary Enig and Sally Fallon is a nutrition book that has significantly changed my perception, choices and consumption of fats.

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How To Use Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Being on a low carb, moderate protein and high fiber diet has helped me lose excess weight, but it is not without shortcoming. I often get carb/sugar cravings right after meals and in between meals.

Having read The Good Fat Diet (previously published as Eat Fat, Lose Fat) book by Mary Enig & Sally Fallon, I realised that my fat intake was too low. So I added several tablespoons of coconut oil to my diet, as suggested in the Quick and Easy Weight Loss Plan of the book.

The most noticeable and immediate changes were feeling of satiation and no more cravings! Since my food intake was reduced, I lost inches off my waist.

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Miracle Berry: Satisfy Sweet Cravings Without Sugar

Iamgine a berry that makes coffee, lemons or strawberries taste sweet without added sugar or sweeteners. This remarkable fruit is known as the miracle berry or miracle fruit.

Miracle Berry/Miracle Fruit
Miracle berry is the fruit of Richadella Dulcifica, a shrub native to West Africa. It looks like a cranberry or red olive. What’s miraculous about this fruit is that it can make sour foods taste sweet. Lemon tastes like lemonade. Vinegar tastes like apple juice. Lime tastes like sweet orange.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Aids Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?
The fruits of a coffee plant are known as berries. They contain green seeds or beans, from which green coffee bean extract is derived from.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)?

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant produced in the body. It is also found in miniscule amounts in organ meat, fruits and vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, tomato, garden pea, brussel sprouts and rice bran.

Everyday, our body is subjected to free radical assault due to factors ranging from stress, poor diet, physical exercise to pollution. Free radicals damage cells and tissues in the body, impair immune function and cause diseases. Antioxidants work by fighting free radicals and minimise its associated damages.

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3 Fat Burning Spices To ‘Spice Up’ Your Weight Loss

Spices are not only a great way to add flavour to your food, but also to help you lose weight. Most spices have been used for thousand of years for their medicinal properties and health benefits. Some even have properties that prevent fat gain and/or stimulate the body to burn more fat.

capsaicin weight loss, fat burning spices, spices that help you lose weight

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Amazing Body Transformations: 2011 Burn The Fat 49-Day Challenge Transformation Contest

The results of 2011 Burn The Fat 49-Day Challenge transformation contest are finally out… I was really impressed to see the amazing body transformations of both male and female winners in such a short period of time (49 days).

Male winner – Gary Vollhoffer

Gary dropped 23 lbs, burned off 8.1% body fat and cut 5.5 inches off his waist at the age of 52. See his before and after transformation pictures, Continue reading

Carb Cyling For Women: Study Finds Women Lost More Weight…

Carb cycling, also known as carb rotation or zig zag diet, can be an effective method for losing weight. Here is a recent study on carb cycling for women and weight loss.

British researchers at the University Hospital in South Manchester, found that women who followed a low carb diet, 2 days a week, lost more weight than those who were on a conventional low calorie diet.

carb cycling for women
(Photo by: daBinsi)

The aim of the study was to find a easy-to-follow diet for women who are at high risk for breast cancer. Obesity and hormones such as insulin and leptin, are known to increase breast cancer risk. So losing weight can potentially reduce the risk of this disease.

The research evaluated the impact of 3 different diets on weight and insulin blood levels. Continue reading