Amazing Body Transformations: 2011 Burn The Fat 49-Day Challenge Transformation Contest

By | February 13, 2012

The results of 2011 Burn The Fat 49-Day Challenge transformation contest are finally out… I was really impressed to see the amazing body transformations of both male and female winners in such a short period of time (49 days).

Male winner – Gary Vollhoffer

Gary dropped 23 lbs, burned off 8.1% body fat and cut 5.5 inches off his waist at the age of 52. See his before and after transformation pictures, and get the top 3 tips for his rapid fat loss here.

Female winner – Shannon Veurink

Sharon, a mother of 2, lost 17 lbs in 49 days (87 lbs in 6 months!). Her weight loss is an impressive achievement, more so after overcoming a devastating disease (dengue fever) and hypothyroidism. Her weight ballooned to 252 lbs after having a c-section and giving birth to her 2nd child.

Check out Sharon’s before and after transformation pictures and why she was voted the “most inspirational woman of the year” here.

She reveals her top 4 strategies for achieving such amazing results here.

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