Abdominal Exercises: 6-minute ab supersets (beginner)

By | October 24, 2008

I love Fridays ‘cos it means the weekend is here. Time to chill out, clean my house, meet up with my buddies or do nothing at all :-)

This morning, I did the 6-minute ab supersets by Craig Ballantyne (watch how he does it in the video below) after my weight training.

There are 4 abdominal exercises and 2 supersets.

1st superset:
Exercise 1: side plank
Exercise 2: stability ball roll out

2nd superset:
Exercise 3: Bird dog
Exercise 4: Cross body mountain climber

Each superset is performed twice with 30 seconds rest after completing 2 exercises. The 2 supersets are done within 6 minutes.

Personally, I find crunch free abdominal exercises are very effective for conditioning my abs. In the past, I used to do lots of crunches and sit ups on the floor but with minimal results.

In Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training For Abs program, he offers superb crunch free belly fat burning workouts using bodyweight abs exercises and interval training to lose stomach fat, burn calories and get 6-pack abs.

All exercises in Turbulence Training For Abs can be done at home using a stability ball and dumbells.

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