6 Tips to prevent holiday weight gain

By | December 15, 2009

The holiday season is here again :)

This is the time when fitness goals are put aside as most people get busy with Christmas shopping, dinner parties and family gatherings. They expect to gain weight and then lose it after the new year.

I don’t know about you… I’d rather keep the weight off than gain it now and lose it later. So much easier and less frustration.

A little planning is all you need to stay lean while enjoying your holidays. Here are 6 tips to avoid the holiday weight gain.


1. Cheat meal

Treat your holiday party or meal as a cheat meal. If you’ve been strict with your diet most of the time, reward yourself with a cheat meal once a week can prevent cravings and binge eating.

2. Don’t starve and binge.

Never skip meals prior to a party or dinner as you are likely to overeat later. Consume a high protein meal with lots of vegetables before heading to a party, and you reduce the chances of bingeing while at the party.

3. Drink alcohol in moderation.

Alcohol = empty calories. Even red/white wine. Don’t be fooled by the antioxidant benefits of wine. Eating grapes is a better way to get antioxidants but without the empty calories.

Alcohol promotes fat storage and prevents fat burning. Double whammy!

4. Portion control

Eat from a smaller plate to prevent over eating.


5. Schedule workout

“No time” is not an excuse for skipping workout. Plan and schedule your workout like you do for any other appointment. Make sure you adhere to the workout schedule.

Stick to short intense exercises if you are short of time. Some exercise is better than no exercise.

6. Prepare for a feast day by working out the day before.

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