The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review

What you get: The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution system (which is made up of 9 components)

  • Component 1: The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet [Cycle 1]
  • Component 2: Macro-Patterning [Cycle 2]
  • Component 3: Accelerated Fat Loss [Cycle 3]
  • Component 4: “The Diet Break” [Cycle 4]
  • Component 5: The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet Exercise Guide
  • Component 6: Success Guide & Food Journal
  • Component 7: Supplementation Guide
  • Component 8: Instant MP3 Audio Fat Loss Motivation & Time Management
  • Component 9: Quick Start Kit & Pre-Planning Checklist

Delivery: Instant download from website

Money back guarantee: 60 days, 100% money-back guarantee

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For More Info & To Purchase

Price: $37

Format: E-book (electronic delivery) and videos


  • The ENTIRE 4 Cycle Solution course on video
  • The Food Timing Tricks for RAPID Fat-Loss guide
  • The 7-Day Ab “Targeted” Cardio & Interval Solution


What is The 4 Cycle Solution?

The 4 Cycle Solution is an 8-week strategic carb cycling system that alternates your pattern of eating macro-nutrients by integrating Deplete Days along with higher carb Baselines Days and Cheat Days to help you “outsmart” your metabolism and conquer any “diet” plateau while STILL enjoying all your favourite foods. You get complete daily meal plan that span 8 weeks and exercise guide.

What does The 4 Cycle Solution teach?

As the name implies, there are 4 cycles in the system:

  • Cycle 1 (Week 1): Advanced Depletion a.k.a “The 7-Day Diet”
  • Cycle 2 (Week 2-4): Macro Patterning
  • Cycle 3 (Week 5-6): Accelerated Fat Loss
  • Cycle 4 (Week 7-8): The Diet Break

The meal plans are based on the types of days during the 4 cycles:

  • Cycle 1: Deplete Days
  • Cycle 2: Baseline, Carb Down, Carb Up, Cheat Days
  • Cycle 3: Zero Carb, Carb Down, Carb Up, Baseline, Cheat Days
  • Cycle 4: Baseline, Carb Up, Cheat Days

Here’s an overview of the 4 cycles:

Cycle 1 (Week 1): Advanced Depletion a.k.a “The 7-Day Diet”
This cycle “shuts off” your body’s addiction to sugars and turn on your fat burning pathways. You become “FAT ADAPTED” as your body burns fat as its primary fuel instead of using carbs.

Cycle 2 (Week 2-4): Macro Patterning
Once you’ve become “fat adapted”, cycle 2 serves to accelerate your fat loss even further. Macro Patterning programs your metabolism to burn fat and carb as fuel sources on a daily basis.

Cycle 3 (Week 5-6): Accelerated Fat Loss
Your body is super smart and therefore, very good at adapting. This cycle is designed to overcome ANY and EVERY type of adaptive response of the body that stop you from losing weight.

Cycle 4 (Week 7-8): The Diet Break
Your body wants and needs a “diet break”. In this cycle, you’ll be increasing calories and carbs to rev up your metabolism and overcome adaptive responses from lower nutrient profile used during the previous 3 cycles. Additionally, your body won’t feel deprived from a nutritional standpoint.

What are the pros & cons? 

1. Simple, step-by-step nutrition and exercise plan.
2. Menus change daily so they are not boring.
3. No counting calories and points.

In the meal plan, protein sources are primarily from eggs, poultry, red meat and seafood. Vegetarians and vegans could have problems getting enough protein and most plant protein sources are high in carbs.

Who will benefit from The 4 Cycle Fat Solution?

Anyone who:

  • is trying to lose the last stubborn fat.
  • has been dieting (on prolonged carb/calorie restriction) a long time, resulting in a slowed metabolism or falling off the wagon.


Carb cycling is a powerful strategy for fat loss. By strategically varying your carb intake, you prime your body for fat loss everyday (yes, even on high carb/cheat days!).

Long term carb restriction can cause feeling of deprivation, lack of energy, slowed metabolism and suppressed fat burning hormones. The beauty of carb cycling is that it overcomes the negative effects of low carb diets while accelerating fat loss or breaking a plateau.

As you get complete daily meal plan in The 4 Cycle Solution program, all the guesswork on of how, what and when to eat has been taken out. You are provided with everything you need to stay on track. You will have the times of day, meals, portion sizes and complete substitution lists so you have choices, not restriction.

All you need to do is follow the program precisely.

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