3 Tips to Eat Carbs & NEVER Store Them as Fat

We often hear that “carbs make you fat”.

Well, it’s true – they CAN….

… when you eat them at the wrong times.

But if you know how to eat your favourite carbs at the RIGHT times, you’ll never store them as fat.

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So, here are 3 carb timing tips on how to consume LOADS of carbs and not worry about them being stored as fat in your midsection… (more…)

#1 Natural Energy & Fat Burning Drink

You’re gonna LOVE this treat I have for you today — especially if you’ve got an extra 5 – 15 pounds you want to disappear!

There’s been a recent frenzy over a combo of coffee and MCT oil that cranks up your metabolism.

There’s just one BIG problem…it gives you an upset stomach, and worse, diarrhea!

That’s because most haven’t UPGRADED their metabolism to handle the MCT super-fuel.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative that’s even BETTER, but WITHOUT those problems. (more…)

5 Reasons Sleep Trumps Exercise For Fat Loss (& Optimal Health)

A shocking new study from the Annals of Internal Medicine shows a common mistake nearly EVERYONE makes in the bedroom is absolutely killing their metabolism.

Not only does this mistake BLOCK your ability to reduce fat, it also gums up your hormones, drives up hunger, ages you rapidly, saps you of energy and damages your mental functioning.

What’s worse, this mistake can force an otherwise “healthy” person to show the same type of insulin resistance and blood sugar problems as a full-on type 2 diabetic!

Unfortunately, most people don’t even KNOW they are making this mistake…and what’s worse, the solution that fixes it in only 15 minutes a week isn’t widely publicized.  More on that in a bit. (more…)

Macadamia Oil: 7x Healthier Than Olive Oil?

You’ve no doubt heard that olive oil is healthy, right?

Good for your heart, lowers blood pressure, cools inflammation and extends life span — it’s why the Mediterranean lifestyle is so good for you.

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But there’s ANOTHER oil that runs circles around olive oil in terms of health benefits, but almost nobody knows about it for some odd reason.


3 Tips to Deplete Carbs & Reverse Damage of Food Binge

One of the most common weight loss questions is, “How to get rid of stubborn lower abdominal fat”…or the lower “pooch belly” syndrome.

Unfortunately, most conventional “diet” plans that claim to achieve this goal utilise foods that “switch off” your fat burning genes, which in turn forces your body to burn sugars and carbs, INSTEAD of fat.

In addition, people who follow low carb diets for quick weight loss simply can’t tell if they are losing water and muscle, or burning fat.

Do you know that for EVERY gram of active carbs you consume on a daily basis, your body will hold nearly 3 grams of water? (more…)

Calcium Citrate Vs. Plant Calcium: What You Need To Know

Many people are beginning to discover, and are intrigued by a new type of calcium supplement that is made entirely from plants. It is called AlgaeCal and it is the only plant calcium supplement on the market sourced from South American USDA Certified Organic marine algaes.

algae plant calcium

The sales of this plant calcium are beginning to challenge traditional blue chip calcium products, like those made from calcium citrate.

Why? (more…)

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter: Low Calorie, Low Fat Peanut Butter

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Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Are you addicted to peanut butter? Do you find it hard to fit it into your diet since it is high in calories?

Peanuts have a high caloric density due to their high fat content. A serving (2 tablespoons) of regular peanut butter contains about 180-200 calories. Most peanut butter lovers could easily consume more than 2 tablespoons per day because it’s so tasty. Unfortunately, the calories can add up fast and hurt your waistline.

If you are seeking for a low calorie and low fat alternative to regular peanut butter, I suggest giving Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter a try.

What is PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter? (more…)

7 Healthy Late Night Snacks

People who stay up late often develop food cravings and end up eating too much of the wrong foods. This is why late night eating causes weight gain.

How do you satisfy your late night cravings without piling on the pounds? The trick is to choose the right snacks that are filling and low in calories. Here are 7 healthy late night snacks to satisfy your night cravings…

7 Best Late Night Snacks

1. Vegetable sticks with or without dip

Nutrient-rich vegetables can fill you up without throwing off your diet plan. They are high in fibre and low in calories. You can have carrot, cucumber, celery or bell pepper with your favourite nut butter, hummus or salsa for a tastier snack.

2. Greek yoghurt

When it comes to a filling yet healthy late night snack, Greek yogurt is the ideal choice. It is packed with protein and low in sugar. You can also add some berries, apple or any of your favourite fruits, or even nuts for extra crunchiness.

3. Protein bar

Low carb protein bars are a healthy alternative to candy bars for satisfying your late night cravings. They are high in protein and fibre and low in sugar to keep you satiated.

Here are 7 healthy protein bars without soy! —> What Are The Best Protein Bars?

4. Fruits

While fruits are great for satisfying sweet cravings, you should avoid those with high sugar content. Some of the good choices include avocados, blackberries, blueberries, plums, apples and strawberries.

When sugar cravings hit, some people are likely to make poor food choices. It is good practice to prepare a fruit salad and keep it in the fridge so you can have it as a healthy late night snack.

5. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are good sources of heart-healthy fats, minerals, fibre and protein. They curb hunger and help in supporting weight loss.

Almonds, peanuts and cashews are among the most popular options. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds also fill the hunger gap while offering a powerful nutrient boost.

6. Egg whites

Egg whites are filling and make a great healthy late night snack. They are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Whether you have them fried, boiled, scrambled or poached, they are fast and easy to prepare.

7. Cottage cheese

Mix cottage cheese with nuts and berries (or other fruits) for a high protein, healthy late night snack.

Constipation & Bloating: Are You Pooping Wrong?

Constipation is one of the causes of abdominal bloating. Not only is bloating a bothersome symptom, it can also affect your quality of life.

I can certainly attest to this as I had suffered from constipation for most of my life. Even regular exercise and increased daily intake of water and fiber (from fruits and vegetables) did not make my bowel movements easier. Elimination was difficult and incomplete, leaving me bloated and uncomfortable. Excessive straining resulted in hemorrhoid.

I’d wake up in the morning with a flat stomach and end the day with a bloated belly. My clothes can fit me on one day but not the next. Having a bloated belly made me look fat!

My misery continued until one day, (more…)

Konjac Shirataki Noodles/Pasta: The No Carb, No Calorie Noodles/Pasta

What are Konjac Shirataki Noodles?
Konjac Shirataki noodles are made from the root of the Konjac plant (similar to yam).

The primary component of the konjac root is glucomannan which is a water soluble dietary fiber. It can be made into konjac glucomannan foods such as noodles, rice, pasta, jelly (konyaku), etc.

Appearance and Taste of Shirataki Noodles (more…)